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VCU Biology

Why do populations fluctuate in time and space? Research in the Johnson Lab shares this common theme. We explore the ecological drivers of population dynamics by integrating empirical data analyses with theoretical models. We are interested in how local ecological processes scale up to create complex large-scale patterns of population dynamics and invasion. Forest pest insects are the model system, but research in the lab includes other applied questions that are conceptually-driven. We are particularly interested in questions motivated by species invasion, population outbreaks, climate change biology, and species conservation. Those interested in joining the Johnson Lab should browse our Research page. In addition, prospective graduate students can click to below button for more information on lab opportunities and the graduate programs at VCU.

Photo of members of the Johnson Lab.

Join the Johnson Lab. It will blow your mind!

Graduate student Lauren Jurczak holding 3 spoted turtles at her field site.
Spotted turtle

Lauren Jurczak proudly displaying three spotted turtles captured in her research to understand the landscape ecology of these handsome creatures.

Recent Lab Publications 

First page of the Chan et al. (2017) publication

Chan et al. (2017) Letters in Biomathematics

Publication by Jones, Duke-Sylveser, Leberg & Johnson, 2017, in journal Ecology and Evolution

Jones et al. (2017) Ecology & Evolution

Pubication by Grayson & Johnson. Journal of Animal Ecology, 2017

Grayson & Johnson (2018) Journal of Animal Ecology

Walter et al. (2017) Ecography

Cover page of the Walter et al. (2017) Ecography publication
Thompson et al. (2017) Physiological Entomology
Walter et al. (2017) Population Ecology
Colteaux & Johnson (2017) Journal for Nature Conservation
Sezen et al. (2017) Ecological Entomology
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