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Associate Professor

Derek M. Johnson

PhD, University of Miami 2003

M.S., University of South Florida 1994

B.S., Florida State University 1991

Curriculum Vitae


Postdoctoral Researcher

Jon Walter


PhD, University of Virginia 2014

B.S., Gettysburg College 2010


Research Interests: Population dynamics of forest insect pests.

Aaron Adamack


PhD, Louisiana State University 2007

M.S., Louisiana State University 2003 

B.S., University of British Columbia 1999


Research Interests: Population dynamics 

PhD Candidate

Ben Colteaux

B.A. Dominican University 2010


Research Interests: The sustainability of snapping turtle harvest in the United States.


Landon Jones

M.S. Brigham Young University 2008

B.S. Brigham Young University 2006


Research Interests: The effects of forest fragmentation on seed dispersal by Toucan species.

Adele Balmer (co-advised with Dr. Lesley Bulluck)

Fall 2017 to present


Research Interests: Population demography of prothonotary warblers

Master's Students

Lauren Jurczak

Fall 2017 to present


Research Interests: Conservation and demography of the spotted turtle


Hannah Byrne (NSF REU 2017)

Research Interests: Effects of topography of mating success in gypsy moth

Alexandra Barry (UROP Fellow 2017)

Research Interests: Is measure of mate-finding ability a reliable proxy for mating success in gypsy moth?

Johnson Lab Alumni

Kyle Haynes (Postdoctoral Researcher 2007-2009)

Research Interests: Drivers of large scale patterns of forest insect outbreaks and invasion.


Current posistion: University of Virginia, Department of Environmental Sciences, Blandy Experimental Farm.

Kristine Grayson (Postdoctoral Researcher 2012-2014)


PhD, University of Virginia 2010

B.S., Davidson College 2006


Research Interests: Pest management and species conservation


Current position: Assistant professor at University of Richmond


Kennesha Myrick (M.S. Biology 2016)

Research Interests: Predator-prey interactions

Current Position: Teacher at Carroll Magnet Middle School, Raleigh, North Carolina.

Abby Nelson (M.S. Biology 2016)

Research Interests: Urban ecology

Current Position: Science Teacher in Richmond, Virginia

Lily Thompson (M.S. Biology 2014)


Thesis title: Forest edges enhance mate-finding in the invasive European gypsy moth, Lymantria dispar.


Current position: Laboratory manager in Grayson lab at University of Richmond





John Wojcikiewicz (M.S. Biology 2014)


Thesis title: Indirect effects betwen deer, mice, and the gypsy moth in a forest community.


Current position: Environmental analyst at Environmental Design & Research, Syracuse, New York

Stephanie Roddy (B.S. Biology 2013, UROP Fellow)


Project title: Geographic heterogeneity in natural enemy attack on the gypsy moth (Lymantria dispar)


Current position: STEM teacher in North Carolina school system.

Brett Butler (Independent Study 2012, B.S. University of California Berkeley 2014)


Project title: The effect of forest structure on the natural enemies of gypsy moth pupae.


Current position: Graduate school - Villanova University.


Katrina Khalil (Independent Study 2014)


Project title: Influence of temperature on growth response of gypsy moth larvae from geographically distinct regions.

Current position: GIS analyst - Apple

Carl Myers (Independent Study 2015)


Project title: Modeling historic Ebola outbreak dynamics in Africa: effects of demographic changes on outbreaks.

Current position: Graduate school in Ophthalmology, Indiana University


Radleigh Herschel (Independent Study 2017)


Project title: Regional spatial synchrony of fall cankerworm outbreaks from 1974-1995.

Current position: Research assistant studying bird-plant interactions in Manaus, Brazil.


Phillip Avery (Independent Study 2017)


Project title: Googling the worm: the potential for online search trends as a method for monitoring fall cankerworm outbreaks.

Current position: Student at University of Richmond School of Law.


Ajmal Mohmand (Directed Study 2015)


Project title: Relationship between fall cankerworm herbivory damage and population density.

Faisal Asif (Directed Study 2015)


Project title: A comparison of fall cankerworm damage on red and white oak.

Gypsy Moth Research

Sarah Sinclair-Govoni

Stacey Helfin

Nora Krajeh

Nhung Nguyen

Taylor Price

Deborah Prigen

Cynthia Scheurmann

Ashley Holcomb

Joseph Neale

Dominique Grimm


Other Field Assistants and Volunteers


Fall Cankerworm Research

Sunauz Moezzi

Caroline Sorey

Tyler Vargas

Braeden Branch

Sarah Mooneyham

Rainey-Dale Delisle

Wilmer Amaya-Mejia

Savanna Scott

Peter Allison

Barbara Morgan

Daniel Booth

Snapping Turtle Research

Eric Burke

Stephanie Helbig

Cynthia Scheurmann

Brittany Meyer

Kate Johnson

Kristin Dillard

Jessica Johnston

Keke Myrick

Carina Tatelman (Directed Study 2017)


Project: Optimal management of a vector in a source-sink host-pathogen system 

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